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Marriage 101

Experiencing a Joyful Marriage does not happen by chance. Our ministry is committed to provide the tools that will equip every couple to become better Friends, Lovers and Saints. Discover how our seminar will empower each couple with the three most fundamental principles of a Joyful Marriage.


Do you and your spouse. . .

  •  * Look forward to spending quality time together?

  •  * Show tolerance and kindness to one another?

  •  * Compliment each other often?

What makes a man and a woman enjoy each others company is the development of a strong friendship. That's how a marriage is born.

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Do you and your spouse. . .

  •  * Hold hands often?

  •  * Take time to cuddle?

  •  * Desire each other?

Sexual intimacy amounts to about just 10% of the marriage life. But when that 10% is dysfunctional it will disrupt the other 90%.

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Do you and your spouse. . .

  •  * Make God a priority in your lives?

  •  * Pray together regularly?

  •  * Share spiritual insights with each other?

The closer a man and his wife get to Christ, the clearer they see how important it is for them to stay close to each other.

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