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Our speakers present God’s blueprints for marriage as we understand it from the Bible, which is in the context of a heterosexual marriage between one man and one woman.

ForeverONE© Retreats are designed to help you experience oneness and God's holiness. Our Team Members will connect with you and your spouse by providing the necessary tools you need to experience a more satisfying marriage.

How ForeverONE© Ministry Works

Getting Started

During the Retreat

Plenary Sessions

Speakers will present topics that will uplift and encourage your marriage journey.

One on One Exercises

Presenters will offer opportunities for dialogue and discovery between you and your spouse.

Spiritual Oneness

Activities are designed to help you strengthen the reason why God brought you and your spouse together.

Dating Time

Free time is encouraged to plan meals, walks, and fun time together.

Counseling Sessions

Some retreats will have counselors available on site (contact us for availability).

Go Home

Leave the retreat feeling happier and healthier in your marriage.


It's time to spend quality time with your spouse...getting to know him or her all over again. Start by gaining a bit of knowledge through our recommended books and materials.

ForeverONE© Untimate Marriage Happiness

Insight for Women

Learn the
respect and affirmation of men.

Insight for Men

Learn the 5 love universal principles now.


It has brought healing, and restored intimacy in our marriage.
– Quincy B., Lancaster TX
I have been praying for the last five years for God's intervention in my marriage…this weekend was the answer to my prayer.
– Hellen W., Kerrville TX
I asked for forgiveness and forgave my wife from the bottom of my heart.
– Ellan N., Richmond TX
My eyes were opened to things that were the cause of some issues in our marriage.
– Rossie C., Houston, TX
We both had a breakthrough in the areas that were hurting our marriage.
– Sandie P., Lewisville TX
We learned to appreciate and embrace our different personalities.
– Steven M., Stafford TX
We experienced a safe environment to address issues that had been driving a wedge between us.
– Shannon H., The Woodlands, TX
My wife and I truly had a ball at ForeverONE. We even made some new friends to hang out with. Greatlyfully awesome.
- Barrett P., Richland, WA
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